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Rising singing superstar Sammi Rae captures the hearts of her audience with her soulful vocals and symphonic textures combined by her spirited lyrics transforming private anguish into a narrative truth. Sammi Rae is a truly captivating young singer who has been praised internationally by critics and fans alike for her strong, soulful voice and sultry demeanor. Of Moroccan descent,  Sammi Rae is a New York based solo recording artist who does not let anything get in the way of her dreams. Beginning her career by singing at the iconic Bitter End, a place where stars such as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were born, Sammi Rae through her talent and crushing dedication has flourished. Much of the inspiration for her songs comes from life experiences that she has gone through. It is her hope that those in similar circumstances will be inspired by her lyrics and able to follow their dreams. Possessing a sophisticated innocence, Sammi Rae is the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. She is also a triple threat having modeling and acting added to her resume as well. Influenced by artists like Ariana Grande, Summer Walker, James Arthur, and Karol G, Sammi Rae has already released several very well received singles in the reggaeton genre on Spotify including “Champagne”, “Closer”, “City Lights”, “Ella Se Atreve”, “Baby Baila”, “Escapate,” and her most recent single in the reggaeton genre “Nunca.” Sammi then released a single called “Why Was It So Easy”, an intense song where love tried and failed. Sammi Rae has been working on pop/r&b music and just released her new single “Secret” on 9.2.22. This song is about a live in the moment kind of connection/relationship where you want to keep it private, just between the two people. Just a fun song you can vibe with! Stay tuned for a lot of new music in 2023! For Sammi Rae this is not a mere adventure but the substance of dreams. Listen to Sammi Rae and for the rest of your days you’ll know what it’s like to fly. With much more music on the horizon, and Sammi Rae just touching the surface of her potential, the sky is the limit for this starlet in the making.


Sammi Rae

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